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Well, I just got home from watching it, and I agree about those opening credits- Simply awesome. They totally prepped you for what was to come.

I was *really* suprised by Kate as Lois. To me, she indeed was Margot Kidder advanced personality wise.

Still had certain characteristics that Margot's Lois had.

The kid was excellent as well. VERY suprising how they handled that.

Richard White was a hero himself. Loved the "How'd you get here?" "I flew" lines

Steve, there was indeed a big reason to stay for the credits. Something I at least was looking for, and was suprised it wasn't at the beginning rather than the end. From hearing other folks, they too were suprised these were at the end- The dedication to Chris and Dana.

As I stated in a much earlier thread, it wasn't Lois that I thought would bug me, but the costume. And it did a bit. I didn't like how the cape was tucked to the suit, I didn't like the boots and I noticed something new about it I hadn't noticed before- There was no "S" on the cape!!!

I did notice Perry commented about the costume change in his rambling to the reporters though. At least the change was acknowledge

Got another date to see it on the second. By then, should be able to talk major spoilers :twisted:
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