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Thanks for all the feedback I haven't gotten to previously from Lara, Taranis and Spy One. To Spy One, I understand your point about keeping the mystery on who Charybdis is, but I felt that for purposes of transforming Galactica into a giant continuous epic sweep, this was the kind of thing to best establish early on, then let the sub plot be forgotten until later in the season and give the audience something to think about "When are we going to get back to this subplot?" One other reason why I couldn't keep the mystery from my perspective is because of the changes I made to MOTRS and its prior episode TMWNL that brought things out center stage in greater detail as to what the nature of this Charybdis-Ortega relationship is, and also plotting the details of how it was that Charybdis was able to frame Starbuck for that murder. As a mystery I didn't think the story worked that well, but expanding it into one of tension where the audience wonders when are people going to find out, I felt it had the potential to work better.

The other suggestions and comments I think are fair points. Sometimes, part of the necessity for a change can come when you're trying to assume realistically what would the character do next in this situation, and regarding the Baltar on Caprica scene it's one of these scenes that plays great on TV because it's establishing the fact that Baltar is a traitor, but on the printed page it just didn't work to me because realistically, what would Baltar be doing after getting off the Atlantia? He'd first want to steer clear of the battle scene over the Colonies and then, I would think he'd be more anxious to get back to his own colony to let his people know what's going to happen in this arrangment where they've been spared.

Excellent point on why the battlestars are so vulnerable to that kind of short notice attack. I tried to touch on that a little bit, but I think a fuller technical explanation of the kind you say recipsig has pointed out probably would have worked better.

Thanks all!
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