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Default Re: Are there any great sci-fi films of the last decade?

Originally Posted by Lara View Post
i think the better CGI is part of the problem. Great SF & F is about story, but execs expect a blockbuster return, so the easy response is to make a wizz bang blockbuster. Its now easier to make a visual spectacle so thats what we get, all sparkly but shallow.

That hits the nail on the head.

With out the "sparkle" the majority of modern movies are dull.
last lot of movies i watched over the last 12 months or so (original versions)
forbidden planet, war of the worlds, day the earth stood still, planet of the apes, 2001, etc ignoring the now primitive looking SFX and makeup, every movie had something in common. better story, bigger more expressive acting with people that have had more theatrical experience.
(Which, is why TOS BSG kicks butt, look at the cast list for for the movie/SoSW) some really big names!..)

That is what a lot of movies nowadays are lacking, depth and guts and oompf. ( thats not CG SFX oompf either ;-) )

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