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Default Re: Are there any great sci-fi films of the last decade?

Originally Posted by Centurion Draco View Post
It's pretty miserable isn't it?
With the advances in SFX and the movement to cheaper, better CGI you'd have expected to see a lot of calssic previously unfilmed sci-fi novels turned into movies.
But it's been the opposite.
Endless rehashings of old movies none of which are an improvement and new material thats either carp or derivative.

The LOTR trilogy was a great achievement, pretty bloody sad that it didn't encourage more 'epic' productions of the same scale.
i think the better CGI is part of the problem. Great SF & F is about story, but execs expect a blockbuster return, so the easy response is to make a wizz bang blockbuster. Its now easier to make a visual spectacle so thats what we get, all sparkly but shallow.

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