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Default Re: Are there any great sci-fi films of the last decade?

Originally Posted by Punisher454 View Post
That just reminded me. The did do "Princess of Mars" a little while back. Low quality production and bad acting by none other than former teen Pr0n actress "Tracy Lords". C- but it was nice to see such an old classic get noticed
That was a fun enough movie. Came across as one of the more mediocre Hercules episodes or something. I consider that the warm up/testing the water to...

Originally Posted by Punisher454 View Post
That movie may have sparked something in somebody because I see that Disney is now doing "John Carter" scheduled for release in 2012.
I agree. I think the prior might have done something, and I am DEFINITELY looking forward to the John Carter movie!

As for other Sci-Fi right now, I really enjoyed the Star Wars: Clone Wars on Cartoon Network. Human Target last year was a lot of fun (more fiction than science fiction though).

Let's see (scratches head, puts in 2010 and science fiction in a google search and gets this page...)

Hot Tub Time Machine.... now that was a lot of fun.
Current Doctor Who with Matt Smith... Excellent!
Tron: Legacy ... had fun watching that.


Transformers : Bark at the Moon was .. alright.
Green Lantern - The preview did not do it justice. Loved the final fight scene.
Thor - Excellent.
Captain America - Excellent and then some.
Cowboys and Aliens - Fun
Harry Potter - Last Movie - Pretty darn good.

Eagerly awaiting the John Carter and Avenger movie, and then the last website had this to say:

"2011 is the Year of Science Fiction and Fantasy

For fans of the two genres, 2011 is looking like being a golden year and 2012 looks set to continue that when movies like The Hobbit and The Dark Knight Rises hit the big screen alongside Star Trek 2 and MIB 3."

THE HOBBIT!!! I would SOOOOO love to see that. (Hmm perhaps more than the John Carter movie? Whoa!)

Star Trek 2... love the new idea for Star Trek and the recasting.
MIB 3.... Oh yeh, those guys are hilarious.

Soooo... been some good movies this year and some good ones coming up.
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