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Default Re: Are there any great sci-fi films of the last decade?

The real problem with most remakes is that the producers of these things usually seem to want to "re-imagine" them.
I feel you can do remakes of some movies, but should be very careful to not change the storyline or try to insult the original.
The planet of the apes is a good example. The remake from a few years ago starring Markie Mark had great ape costumes/cgi but deviated really far from the original story as a result I hated it! grade D- or maybe F+
The "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" really stayed fairly true to the original storyline and actually offered a better "smart Ape" origin than the idea of Zera and Cornelius repairing a crashed (and hopelessly destroyed) spaceship and traveling back in time to give birth to the first smart ape. In most ways its a remake of "Conquest of the planet of the apes". They made a point of hinting at the loss of the "Icarus" spacecraft during this movie and it fits well with the original. A+ in my book, this is how do to a remake.

Another example is "The Island". Most people didnt see "Body Parts: the Clonus Horror" but is was basically the same thing but made in the 70's on a fairly low budget. The island was a great remake, updated nicely and expanded on a lot. It didnt crap on the original storyline. Where they failed miserably was in not acknowledging the original film at all, and in fact it was considered an "un-authorized" remake and I think there may have been a lawsuit involved. Remake A+, prop's to original F.

Another remake I really liked was the 1990ish remake of "Night of the Living Dead" It stayed VERY true to the original and was basically an update consisting of color film and better makeup/special effects. A+ The other remakes of Romero's "Dead" movies all fell short.

The Conan remake is pure crap, enough said.
The Sci-fi channels remake attempt of Flash Gordon really sucked hard!
"The Andromeda Strain" remake didnt thrill me
oh I could go on and on endlessly....

I would like to see a GOOD remake of both "Logans Run" as well as "The Forbidden PLanet"
Either one could be really good if done right, or really bad if not.

But seriously They should be looking at the vast assortment of really good Sci-fi novels for ideas. A series of "Hammers Slammers" movies would be fun. or you could go super epic and do "The Forbidden Borders" By Michael Gear.
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