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Default Re: Are there any great sci-fi films of the last decade?

Originally Posted by Punisher454 View Post
Basically your right, nothing really significant.
Part of it is that there are really only just so many stories to tell, after that everything is really just a re-hash of something else.
Also the bar has been raised fairly high now.

I did like Star Wars episode3 Revenge of the Sith. But I think Ep1 and 2 Stunk up the Star Wars franchise so much that it really didnt get a fair chance to be stand out.

Really probably the greatest thing made in the 2000-2010 decade was probably the Lord of the Rings trilogy. But thats Fantasy not Sci-fi. If you've never watched the special features extra's that were on the special edition LOTR you should. They put an unbelievable amount of work into these. Without a doubt more than anything thats ever come before.

I'd say that the 2000's were a fairly lame decade for Sci-Fi movies.
It's pretty miserable isn't it?
With the advances in SFX and the movement to cheaper, better CGI you'd have expected to see a lot of calssic previously unfilmed sci-fi novels turned into movies.
But it's been the opposite.
Endless rehashings of old movies none of which are an improvement and new material thats either carp or derivative.

The LOTR trilogy was a great achievement, pretty bloody sad that it didn't encourage more 'epic' productions of the same scale.
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