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Default Re: Check out 10 other sci-fi actors who turned politician long before Shatner ;-)

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: More guts than brains, why would he pick a piece of hell like California to try and run?

JERRY DOYLE: should stick to acting. Some things are not what we are talented to do.

JESSE VENTURA: weirdo perfectly suited to weirdo Minnesota politics.

HELEN GAHAGAN DOUGLAS: should have stayed home and acted. A Jerry Doyle in a skirt before there was a Jerry Doyle.

J. STEPHEN PEACE: a decent B movie writer. He should have stuck to it. As a politician he was a zero.

CLINT EASTWOOD: Nuts and bolts type of guy, actually ran a decent administration.

FRED GRANDY: Cypher on screen and off.

RALPH WAITE: an idiot. Nuff said.

VAL KILMER: should stick to schlock. What he did to the Island of Doctor Moreau and Batman Forever is taught in "how not to" classes.

BEN AFFLECK: idiot Afleck brother, but the one with the highest IQ among a very dumb lot of them.


ANGELINA JOLIE: the only one on the list with ANY common sense.
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