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Default Re: preview of pics from fanfilm

just had a look at vue 9, looks good. It'll be a long time before i can get that.
after i've built a new monster pc

I was using Omni lights with volume/fog effect added. The kicker is
that the effect seemed OK if the Omni light was sitting just outside the hole,
but once I put it inside, as to give effect the thrusters were inside the hole,
it caused that weird effect.
had a power failure earlier, 4 hours left on a 22hr render

so ...i started up max and had a play with particle systems for ion exhaust,
that can work well. as long as your pc can handle particles well. managed to
lock mine up several times. tried replicating volume light and fog like yours i
with 3 renderers, was getting similar weirdness, i think stick with what works,
mental ray can make you mental

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