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Default Re: My TOS Studio CGI Replica

Originally Posted by ghostbusters1 View Post
hello i'm working on a really insane battlestar galactica simulator/game made in unreal engine sadly i'm just a coder so finding assets is hard. id love to talk to you about your assets
Greets :-)

I have some experience actually in coding games using C++/DirectX from a failed game start up I was involved with. My models most definitely wouldn't work with todays rendering technology, not yet game models are into the few 1000 polygon range, but my models are in the millions of polygons. My models are good for making a movie or game cut scene with, as that's not a real time render, but that's about it until GPU power is like...100 times faster than what it is now. But there's tons of meshes out there that could work that are very low res. I wish my models could be real time rendered...I actually started my battlestar model while I was working on the game, and imported it in when it was about only like 200,000 polygons and the game engine performance just nose dived :-(
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