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Default Re: New BG Classic ongoing comic

There were indeed some "fanatics" at the Dynamite board including one infamous person who no one in their right mind would ever defend. But in my own case, the Dynamite people proved that they possessed very thin skins and given how the guy who was running that site revealed a penchant for not telling the truth on more than one occasion (he was the one who strung a lot of us along by insisting there would never be any story set after HOG unless we got masses of people to sign petitions.....and lo and behold what did we then learn but that story that came next DID take place after HOG!) I think they squandered all their opportunities to come off as reasonable to those of us who simply wanted some *reasonable* objections heard out. These guys had to be shamed into just giving Glen Larson proper credit after they ran their first issue thanking Ron Moore and giving no mention of the guy who actually created the show!

Of course there were extremists in that lot, but frankly it was Dynamite's own actions right out of the box and their condescending attitude about the series in general that brought the whole thing on and I think I did act like a human being in that case in letting them know how perfectly ordinary "fans" felt about that situation, which given the context of what else was happening at the time was perfectly understandable.
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