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Default Re: New BG Classic ongoing comic

Some folks took their criticisms too far with Dynamite, as they did with Skiffy...some even started getting personal, and that's what started the expulsions, which eventually became a bit more indiscriminate. If more people were thoughtful about their criticisms instead of coming across as "my childhood got raped" fanboys, then at least their voices would still be heard, if not heeded. I'm not saying this to belittle those who love Classic Galactica, and actually have their senses about them...I'm just stating the truth.

That's why I despise fandom. Radical fans are the ones who ruin fandom, by taking things so passionately and so personally that such folk cannot be taken seriously, which filters down to those who actually have the good sense to learn to snap back to real life....and thus, that particular fandom gets a bad name. This goes for either side of the Galactica fandom fence, and for any fandom in general.

I stopped considering myself a fan of anything a long time ago. I don't like the term. I don't like being thought of as a "fanatic". I have my own political reasons for despising the term...and given the way some "fans" act in "defense" of their favorite following, I have little to no reason to make any distinctions. Yes, I go to fan functions like Comic Con, or make "fan films" or "fan fictions" which I prefer to call tributes, but I no longer consider myself a fan of anything. As stated earlier, this is not a slam against those folks who love Classic Galactica, and know how to comport themselves as human beings.

In truth, I haven't followed any Galactica stuff that Dynamite has done for quite a good long while. I already have enough old comics and magazines lying around taking up space, and regardless of the quality of the tales being told by Dynamite, I just don't have any more room. It's certainly not out of a lack of interest.
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