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Default Re: One of our own is gone - Memories of Steve "Stevew" Wilson

Recently a member of another forum was looking for one of Steve´s models and with the help of ernie90125 I was able to help this other cgi user..

Steve´s work is still sought and admired by many, the best tribute too any artist, and Steve was one of the most giving of them I have ever known, and one of the core of CFs artist group, of whom I consider myself a part off.

Its hard to fathom that its been over 4 years since he passed on...

When I was looking for the model I came across this thread and bang... sense of loss for this person I never met face to face.. but we talk plenty via PM and E-mail.

I was happy to call him friend and he would call me youngster... although I was over 30 at the time..

In short when I think of Stevew, I smile and remember all the advise and help he gave to a beginner.

Wow where did that come from?.
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