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Default Re: New Forum - "Sacred Ground"

I had just showed up to work that morning when the guy in the shop next door had his TV on and half a dozen people were watching and talking about something. I walked over to check it out and they told me a jet liner had just hit the WTC and my initial first thought was "what kinda idiot pilot could make that mistake" , then the second plane hit.
My first thought was that somebody must have put a navigation beacon in the buildings, seriously Kamakazi piloting didnt even register at first in my head.
Then the guy who owned the shop (a rather friendly Arab man) shook his fist and said "It was Bin-Laden!" What insight!
Other than watching the horror of the attack and the outrage, I'll never forget the video's of the celebratory dancing going on in some places.
Its unfortunate that even today so many people cannot recognize true evil.
I hate to say it, but someday those nut-jobs are going to set off a nuke in a big city. After that, things are going to change a whole lot more.
This weekend will be the 10th anniversary, common sense tells me that the threat of an attack is extra high this year.
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