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Default Re: New Forum - "Sacred Ground"

Nice idea.

remembering 911 has it been so long. (not to those effected directly Id say)

It is been remembered here in Spain. showing the dreadful images of the crashes
into the twin towers.

Susi (my wife but where not married then) remembered and informing me where she was when the news came out. well in work and the canteen having lunch. the shocked chatter of her work mates (mainly women). this is in Dublin Ireland bty.

I remember where I was and when I heard the news.
I was working on a painting job with a friend of mine who was also the boss, we had finished for the day early due to an error in the color of the paint. instead of a soft yellow we where given a canary yellow. So an early day to finish so the paint could dry, I was delighted as I had a few to many drinks the night before.

Getting into the car (when I still liked driving) we turn on the car radio and listened to the news. before we got out of the parking area the first plane crash was announced.
we stopped the car and sat in shock!! and we where dumfounded slowly we drove
on home (we where neighbors at the time). each new announcement, confirmation
or conclusion the shock deepened.
I remember looking at the other cars on the busy street, travailing slowly on as if we where in a massive funeral procession. possibly listening to
the news on their car radios
when half way home a second plane crashed in to the second building, we look at each other and we both said "this is an attack"!!.

And as if fast forward was hit on a video player every thing started to speed up, people wanting to get home to the TV .

When I got there and hit the TV ..... every channel was covering the crashes .....

I sat there knowing the world has changed and not for the better.

that's my memory of the day.
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