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We'll just have to disagree on this point. "Unseen adventures" set within the series is as much a cheat from my standpoint as a prequel would be, because what interests me is seeing a new attempt at telling the story post-HOG. I've seen one okay effort before that went sour after a bit (Max Press), one awful effort (Hatch's novels), and I want to see a new fresh approach to this angle.

I am well aware that many of us have our own post-HOG visions. Heck, I've been doine one for the last two years in the VS project here, but I'm always interested in seeing a new one, if done properly. But a fixation with things that do not advance the storyline and characters forward just doesn't interest me, and if this comic book is going to fixate itself with that for its storytelling, then all I'm going to end up doing is throwing up my hands in disbelief at the bad luck string of "official" Galactica projects once again.
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