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"It has always occured to me that after taking the colonies with a Fleet ff basestars, did the Cylons really let a Battlestar and Fleet of small ships wander out unnoticed ?"

Well...actually, yes. In Saga, we have first the scene of Baltar on Caprica where the centurion reports to him that prisoners have reported tales of a handful of survivors making their way out, but under circumstances not yet known to them. And then there is Flight Leader Serpentine's report to Imperious Leader of how the survivors escaped aboard the Galactica. The information came from torturing prisoners with a false promise of sparing their lives, and didn't stem from any awareness of what had happened until long after the Galactica was gone.

But even if you can implausibly squeeze this storyline in, this is still the ultimate case of launching the series off on the wrong foot because it means a drawn out story set within the series rather than moving things forward after "Hand Of God". I'm not particularly interested in seeing what amounts to variations on a prequel being the launching point.

Not trying to rain on anyone else's parade, that's just my own from the heart reaction.
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