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Default Re: The end of 'Star Trek: Enterprise'?

Originally Posted by Benedict View Post
Season 3 started to turn things round than Season 4 started to rocket. From what notes there are, Season 5 could've been quite something.
You mean there are notes on a possible season 5? What were they thinking of doing?

Originally Posted by Warrior View Post
After seeing the new Star Trek movie, and the alternate timeline story it presented, with the ship in the very beginning more advanced than the classic Enterprise, I am now placing the "Enterprise" series into the new Star Trek's timeline. Seems to fit better there.
Nah Enterprise is fine in the regular universe.

Originally Posted by Taranis View Post
I only watched the first 2 seasons ..... I did not like . how the Vulcan's where treated in the show seemed un-Vulcan-like. more manipulative. in fact acting in a non-logical way.

I will have to watch the following seasons to see how it finish ..
They explain in season 4 why they were that way. Makes sense in the end, and the Vulcans become the race we are used to in the end. Also explain the Klingon ridges and lack of ridges, they have a FRACKING AWESOME Mirror Universe story.

Each of the above all all two parters.

They even have a Organian episode. Remember the Organian peace treaty?
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