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Default Re: Blackstar Squadron: Battlestar Galactica costuming group.

Al, that costume ROCKS!!! The ONLY thing I can say is I think the screen used costumes had a rivit on either side of the belt buckle. I was thinking about adding a false Screw post (I prefer to them to rivets) to the tongue of the Belt to give that look. but that's about the only point i can make about that unifrom!!

Andf yes, keeping things simpler then the 501st and What the RL has turned into is the goal. As is keeping things canon.

That said, I for one do have some interest in certain custom things. The "Blackstar Squadron" itself is have a custom set of pins and a patch (we have been leaning towards something overlayed on the Galactica Patch, similar to the Atlantia. but the main focus is stuff seen in the series.

The blue/Black Jacket was planned for COlonel Tigh in the second season, from what I read. And the green jacket Hatch has is from the Second Coming Trailer. Unfortunately, you're right, this does constitute just about all the Galactica EU out there.

We are just starting to talk about how we're going to organize the Member Gallery now, but any and all custom costumes that are made, would not be displayed with the reproduction costumes. I liked the idea of seperating the custom costumes fromt he canon ones in the RL gallery (and did suggest it myself lol) so at the worst, we'd do somethign similar, having a custom gallery.
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