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Default Re: Battlestar Galactica to the Big Screen?

If I had a nickel for every rumor about a revival project since 1993 when Larson dropped a tantalizing hint at the 15 Yahren Con that drew applause and cheers from the crowd, I think I'd be rich by now. I have seen the fanbase of this show get burned and screwed so many times over the years while waiting with the patience of Job that innate cynicism and skepticism is the only reaction I can have to a story like this, that's phrased in the same kind of rumor way that all the previous ones were. In short, nothing substantive = no enthusiasm from me.

And also, if any of us recall how Larson was trying to push his theatrical vision a decade ago with the "walking vipers" concept and how he wasn't even interested in using any of the original cast and wanted to focus on the Pegasus, then that should also make us wonder if Larson is really going to do something that would measure up to the standard of what we've been hoping to see all these years which is (1) A simple continuation of the original with original cast members returning, not necessarily in big roles and (2) respect for the *continuity* of what was established in the series which has been ignored and disregarded by practically EVERY person who has done an official Galactica project in the book and comics realm for the last decade (an exception being the early Max Press Comics and the short-lived Scalf comic. The less said about Hatch's novels and the Dynamite Press comic, the better though).
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