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Default Re: Tron 3 growing legs

Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
I would also like to see the epic battle/invasion that was alluded to in Legacy. This could well tie in with Flynn and Clu merging. Clu could be the dominant personality at first, since Quorra said Flynn would not survive such a merging. She would be only partially correct. Flynn did survive, but he must struggle with the persona of Clu while Clu carries out his plans of purifying/perfecting the world of the Users. I like the idea, Pete, of Quorra being a gift to the Users' world, and she and Sam (along with Alan and a resurrected TRON) could be instrumental in freeing Flynn from Clu's subsuming his persona, and then they could be instrumental in winning the great war.

Make Tron 3 big, badass, and epic.
Or, maybe make it "Part 1"....
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