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Originally Posted by libernull
I don't see this as any different than various fast food chains learning to speak Klingon because they are near Trekkie cons. Or a local ad published from one of the state mental institutions calling out to gamers and sci-fi buffs who know the 'language' of Klingon - because there are several patients who refuse to speak anything but.

Really bloody hell .. that's going to far.. but that what happens . how do you as for a bigmac in klingon ?? anyone

Personally, I think its awesome. To me, it appeals to the kid in me, a big game of make pretend. If "The Force" can be made into a recognized religion, its a big thumb in the face to the "reality" as defined by stuffy, political, fun-haters.
That cool .. for me its strange. but how do religions start . many with an idea perhaps .... there are religions out there that believe in nature . I.E. druids which can still be found in Ireland and England Scotland ..they have never disappeared
Who cares? Besides, when the Sith strike, we'll be glad the Jedi are here.
In that case me too.. because you always find some one who disagrees with you and be the Ying to your Yang
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