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Default Just got back from Dragon Con 2010!

I just got back from DC 2010, and I had a blast!

There were a LOT of babies there, this year, dressed in the cutest costumes.

Oddly enough though, there was not ONE costume from classic BG present!

I saw plenty of Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, video games, role playing games, and what have you; yet not ONE classic BG!

Richard Hatch was there, but since I already had his autograph, I passed on him.

I managed to get Barbara Eden; she was there with Larry Hagman and Bill Daly for the 45th anniversary of I Love Jeannie. She is a very gracious lady,and absolutely gorgeous in real life, in spite of being 76 years of age.

Hopefully Dirk Benedict will be there next year. He's my favorite.

Ten idiots in Stormtrooper armor tried to rob a nearby bank (how stupid is that when there's a major convention in town? The police know where to look for you!) and they got caught! (DUH!)

At the Hilton hotel, one of the elevator cables caught fire when the elevator itself was overloaded with fans.

And, someone else threw a majorly heavy object out of a twelfth floor window of the Hilton, which landed on a car, and blew out its windows.

Plus, there were twelve arrests at the Hilton, only TWO of which had to do with Dragon Con!

Exciting stuff!

P.S. if you don't believe me about the robbery, check out Twitter, it's all over the place there.
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