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Default Re: BG-15: Experiment in Terra

John (Edward Mulhare) of The Ship of Lights engages Apollo to go on a secret mission to aide the planet Terra and help them from falling victim to the Eastern Alliance. Terra is another in the group of planets along with Lunar 7 and Paradeen that are seemingly in the same sphere of influence the Eastern Alliance and their unnamed opposers.

A lumpy, rushed episode with a surfeit of ideas that seems to be influenced by Star Trek's A Taste of Armageddon ... a little bit. Sadly, it really needed two episodes or a feature-length timeslot ala Greetings from Earth to do justice to them all. What we have is a big change of pace for this series and Mulhare, Melody Anderson, Ken Swoford, Logan Ransey and Nimiah Persoff are all good value with Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict taking centre chair in the regulars, particularly Hatch.
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