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Default Re: Battlestar Galactica 31st Anniversary Gift for all TOS ries fans still out there

Sweet stuff there Mad, thanks for the BG love and hard work. Much appreciated!

I've gotta go over there and read it all.

Question though? that unused ship proposal. Was it for the 'Beta Pirates' episode that was scripted but not filmed. I ask cos off the top of my head, i remember one of the series writers (Carlson or MacDonnell?) saying online that they had an idea of how thew ships of the Space Pirates should look, and they they would've been unique in how they traveled through space and whatnot etc.

Or it could be Jasper's ship from the script 'I Have Seen Earth'; "The Golden Queen" or "The Golden Hind"?

Either way 31 years later, its just so incredible that so much was created for this series that only lasted a season, and its all turning up now! Guess when it cost a million or so dollars and so much development work went into it, so much was left unaccounted for both during its run and after it was all finished. Quite possible this was a design meant for an episode that that wasn't filmed eventually, but was on the production schedule (as was the scripts 'Showdown' and 'Two For Twilly') but for seperate reasons were changed and cancelled and replaced with another script that was filmed in their places.

Thanks for sharing all this.

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