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Default Re: BG-15: Experiment in Terra

This is the one that was written for Dirk's Starbuck and last minute switched to Richard's Apollo with little if any dialogue changes. If you listen closely, you can hear where lines were more suited to Dirk's timing and character.

I think the space in Brenda's place (it was HUGE) was the reason for his query. This is actually the 1 hr episode I plunk in the DVD player the most as a default. I think because the Galactica rescues this "younger" world from it's own extinction. I also love the mythos of the Ships of Lights and this gives a brief dose of that.

I think John didn't send the real Charlie because they weren't able to intervene to the level of springing him from prison and because they were out of time. (They didn't spring Apollo, either.) They knew the EA was perched to attack within that day or two.
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