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Originally Posted by Bionicbob
SAGA and TMWNL both clearly establish that Human society is in its 7th millenium. I assume this time encompasses the period Humans existed on Kobol. And we know the war with the Cylons was waged for 1000 Yarhens, so I assume the Colonies are at least this old. But is there any literature on how long ago the Human Exodus of Kodol occurred?

And why would they still be calling themselves Colonists after existing for thousands of yarhens as an independant civilization?
Simply put, most of the colonial tribes probably still knew of their Kobollian origins despite a few thousand years prior to the 1,000 years of war with the Cylons.

The Pyramids seen on Caprica during the pilot episode at least suggested that at least capricans knew of their Kobollian origins due to the fact we later see Pyramids on Kobol, a planet which was left for dead in the black void but was identified as the home planet for all human life by Adama.

At least in that respect, you could see why they still refered to their home planets as colonies rather than their original home worlds of birth. They still knew they were 'nomads' of a sorts caperble of traveling the universe to look for a place to call home.

I think a better question is; What were the 12 colony worlds like before the 12 tribes of Kobollian humans settled there?!

Twelve planets so close to each other surely weren't all Earth or Kobol like in appearences and had some alien enviroments that had an effect on the human condition on humans for generations, before the grand space exodus, after the horrific Cylon holocaust destroyed their worlds.

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