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Originally Posted by bionicbob
SAGA and TMWNL both clearly establish that Human society is in its 7th millenium. I assume this time encompasses the period Humans existed on Kobol. And we know the war with the Cylons was waged for 1000 Yarhens, so I assume the Colonies are at least this old. But is there any literature on how long ago the Human Exodus of Kodol occurred?

And why would they still be calling themselves Colonists after existing for thousands of yarhens as an independant civilization?

Any thoughts???
I was always of the opinion that the "7th millenium" was a reference to the exodus from Kobol, i.e, the age of the Colonies as colonies.

Regarding the usage of the word, "Colonist" or "Colonies", it's likely that the original colonists who emigrated from Kobol used the terminology so often that, it just caught on as the vernacular.....colonist instead of citizen, colony instead of planet, etc.....
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