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Hi, folks! Looks like the Lords of Kobol have set next Tuesday as the convention date, and next Friday as the party date. It should be noted that I did show up for the mtg. last Tuesday and today (this Tuesday), but I support the decisions that were made. What it comes down to is this: "This oatmeal is too cold. This oatmeal is too hot. Ahhhhhhhhhh. This oatmeal is just centrist I mean right." I anticipate that the transfer of the domain name to Anne and her investors will take place on Friday (with a party to follow). Now, I'm not privy to what Anne has in mind for after that, but my goal is to jettison I mean move the actual site programmes and content off my server as soon as possible. In my mind, that would be a good project for that weekend. It's not a simple process and will involve the cooperation of multiple people. After my server has been cleared, I can set as the primary domain for my web hosting account at and begin building 2.0. It will be a lot more complicated than 1.0 that is currently at And that really is good, so I can maintain my sanity with my new sites while Anne goes crazy (be wise!) governing the new In the interim, folks are welcome to visit 1.0. It's updated on a daily basis, including the activity log. I completed Leadership By Rudolph W. Giuliani and there are lots and lots of book reports. Now I'm posting book reports for Become a Better Jew I mean Become a Better You by Joel Osteen. Oops... that was Anne intentional Freudian slip. ;-) Have a good rest of the week, and I will TTYL!
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