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Default Re: BSG - Re-arrange episode order....

But why mess around with something like C.O.R.A? Thats shoving AI right into your front line weaponry. Sorting out where to put the laser generators would be a minor issue.

And Muffit seemed very un-biddable for a programmable dog.. After the first running- off you'd limit the parameters..

Now if Hector and Vector had been a early successful attempt at downloaded human intelligence into a robotic body I could have seen the alarm bells ringing... just as it should of been when the beings of light were busy pointing out they were once as (humans) were..
Then there was Ravisholl playing around with clones who insisted on being different, and Cy who developed. Even Lucifer was more subversive than his designation should have tolerated.

There could have been a far more complex understory exploring what happens when the intelligence become independent of body's limitations, and if the human spirit really is something extra special or just a set of replicatable chemical reactions.

Something GINO/ Caprica tried, almost..
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