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Conundrum7g said...
I was wondering if you could tell us more about what you did on the game? I'm a minor illustrator and cg artist and I always am looking to get into doing this kind of field (making games).

Also I would like to honor you with a title like the ones me and Titon have below our picture. Like maybe "BG(VG) Story writer". Would that be right?

Thanks again for coming! We are so lucky to have ya here! Everyone please welcome James!
Thank you once again for the warm welcome and the nametag - I'm delighted to see people so interested in the Galactica videogame! I had hoped to visit Galacticon last year in person, but deadlines kept be tied to my computer, so I'm pleased to be able to talk to fans (even in a virtual sense) here on the forums.

To explain my part on the game; I was hired early in 2003 as the project was on the cusp of cancellation and asked to revise and develop a script and character materials, based on storyline elements left over from an earlier incarnation of the title (which was worked on by Grant Morrison). I wrote the script that you hear in the cutscenes/in-game action, as well as creating some of the character backstory for the main cast.

Kingfish asked...
James will there be a sequel to this game?
That would be cool... Personally, I love to see something with a mix of space combat and FPS gameplay, but who knows? I guess we'll have to see how well this game does...
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