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Default Re: Battlestar Galactica Movie News

I suggested this over at TOK, but I thought it might generate a little fun musing here too:

What IF it was a reimaging because it told a story during the 1000 yahren war and satisfied Glen's longing to do a Pegasus story: Say it ends with the Pegasus as sole survivor of (I just realized I named the wrong battle at TOK) the destruction of the Fifth Fleet at Molokai. That could even be the cliffhanger: did they or didn't they survive?

From Universal's viewpoint that's a "new" story. From Glen's point: It might be that untold Pegasus story he's been tasting since Lloyd Bridges swaggered onto the Pegasus' deck. For a new generation: it's a spaceship story in the middle of a hotly fought war. Do you think something of that order could work?
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