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Could it also be possible that the reason Universal hasn't given the "go ahead" is the Vivendi announcement that it's looking to sell its US entertainment divisions? (includes USA/SciFi channels). The SciFi Channel might be taking things into their own hands without considering this prospect. Viacom, MGM and G.E.'s NBC are all 'possible bidders' for this particular block of properties. Viacom, from the last I'd seen, was the most interested buyer because of their wanting to either buy SciFi or create their own science fiction channel.
I'm no good when it comes to corporate operations but I would think that when a property is sold, the new owners replace the existing management with their own team and then re-evaluate what is in progress with the property. I feel that SciFi is "jumping the gun" with its announcement of the 'new' Battlestar Galactica, considering the fact that the present PTB could be out on their ears (or other body parts) within the next 6 months.
Just an "evil" thought, there
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