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Default Re: BG-03: The Lost Warrior

Martin was not from the Pegasus. Colonial Warriors from the Pegasus wear this patch on their right sleeve:

If you look at his jacket, Martin has this patch:

10 or so yahrens ago, there was a Battlestar on patrol in that sector of space. They ran into Cylons and a huge battle erupted. The Battlestar is never named, but clearly it wasn't the Galactica or the Pegasus.

Martin acted foolishly. Apollo was correct in showing restraint. As viewers, we know Cylons travel in at least three's. A pilot, Co-pilot, and the Raider commander. So upon seeing Red-Eye, Apollo was wondering where the other two Cylons he didn't see were. It wasn't until the end, that Apollo gets the full picture, and knows Red-Eye is the only surviving Cylon, with the other two being destroyed. That and the fact the Cylon has no clue what he is, let alone a Colonial Warrior is, is why Apollo decides to confront him.

This was an awesome episode, in that it further adds backstory to the series. It is a shame they never mentioned the name of the Battlestar though. With everything Martin told Bootes, I'm sure that would have been included.

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