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Well.....I have to say I was a bit underwelmed. The presenter is a loud mouth I've seen before, and does seem to love himself a bit. His mission was to make a show 90% him, and a few minutes of the cast of The A Team.

The 90% was him trying to setup surprise meetings with the cast members. His approach of Murdoch seemed genuine. Then he resorted to lying to try to get to meet BA. He claimed to have flown Face over to discuss a major production, IF this is how it happened I feel sorry for Dirk if his hopes were built up.

Eventually he did get to meet BA, after his agent arranged it, which I suspect could have been done with the others.....but that wouldn't have allowed to him make a 'shout at the camera, in your face, I'm great TV show'

At the end Dirk and Dwight tried to pretend they hadn't seen each other in too long, but we know they are best friends. I suspect a better show could have been made going through proper channels, arranging proper interviews, and focusing on the cast not the presenter.

This show wasn't a wasted hour, and if he makes one on Airwolf since all the cast of that have disappeared, I would watch again.....but I wish the show wasn't about the presenters need for attention.
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