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Default The Empire Strikes Back-Into The Hoth System

This began simple enough, just playing with a landscape,
and it kept making me think of Hoth.

I Looked at film, and first sequences, I said, lets do those...

Well, what I have done so far.

Am atm trying to do the Probe droid smack and using some dynamics,
which I desperately need to get more acquainted with.

It actually began really nice and effortless, but soon, $&*(#&*@^()%$)

Story when I blow up Youtube HQ with A fleet of Battlestars and Baseships. Even the Cylons can't take it anymore.

Model by Ansel Hsaio

I have tried in vain to get an upload to look as I see it on comp or in preview, or final render. Youtube and Sony and Adobe-MPEG do not mix IMHO!

I can only use H264 in AFX and trying to do video and audio in AFX is a waste of effort.

SO- To see 70% of the Stars in opening shot requires MIN 720p HD
in Large Screen or better.
even then it is not even what I get on comp render.

I had added actual footage to compare with,, but Youtube Immediately blocked it worldwide and and even lowered my acct status because of it. well, when done I will dispute, for purposes of comparison.
-ever get that feeling from a movie trailer you cant wait to see it-
that is what it does to me.
So much to learn , so little time, and so many ideas with so little knowledge and so much to discover with so many things to try.
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