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Default Re: 17: The Hand Of God

This opens up another point however, who was Boxey's real father? He is only alluded to in Saga when Serina and Apollo are in the Landram looking for Tylium on Carillon.
So I had this idea several years ago (actually in the late 90's) that Boxeys father is..... Sire Yuri.

My reasoning:
1. Yuri was a prominent politician and Serina was a reporter. Perhaps before the Holocaust She may have "done whatever it takes" for an interview, it happens in the real world all the time.
2. Yuri certainly wouldn't have been too faithful to Siress Yuri for this.
3. Yuri and Serina both escaped Caprica on the Rising Star, we know it was a hard ship to get onto (MOTRS), obviously Yuri bought his way on board, perhaps Serina blackmailed him to take her and his secret illegitimate kid too.
4. Serina KNEW what was going on in the elite class when Apollo was investigating the food shortage. She told Apollo he wouldn't like what he found there. Security at Yuri's door was good, too good to allow thirdclass refugees into that room to see what was going on. Serina obviously had ongoing contact with Yuri.
5. She refuses to tell who was his father, if its Yuri I dont blame her.
6. Boxey is a spoiled obnoxoius brat, a chip off the old block in some regards.

Anyhow, I'm sure this idea will piss some people off.
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