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I wrote a review myself.

This is the one that launched the series. there are two versions a long one and a short one. All of us own the short one if we bought the crapy DVD or VHS release. The pilot was originally released in Canada and latter in the USA in a surround theater presentation. The episode starts out with the peace conference to end the thousand yahren war. little do the colonials know it will be their end. baltar has set the perfect trap. President Adar who wants peace above all else fails to see the deception before his eyes. Adama isn't folled. Adama knows the enemy and the tactics he is capable of. Zac wants to go on his first patrol in order to prove to his big brother that he is a warrior. Starbuck feigns an illness to help out Zac. The patrol seems routine until Apollo stumbles upon the Cylon attack force, Zac's ship is disabled, and Apollo has to make a decision that probably haunted him. Adama returns to utter confusion and realizes something is afoot when the patrol is being deliberately jammed. A drill is ordered to Starbuck's surprise especially since he is holding the winning hand at Pyramid. Adama pleads with Adar only to be ignored. Zac's ship finally is destroyed with Zac at the controls.

Adar: What was that?

Adama: That was my son mr president.

Greene's delvery of that line was outstanding and worth an award.

Richard Colla directed the first half of Saga but was let go for failing to meet the shooting schedule. This was a mistake one of many that hurt the production in the long run.

The Cylons launch their attack and obliterate everyone. Now Moore has to redo it with Tactical Nuclear Weapons. The attack was effective enough. Watching the expresion on the Galactica bridge crew conveyed the message. A strong man like Tigh is even crying at witnessing the final annihilation. Adama heads foor the surface of Caprica after the attack to see if there are any survivors only to find his home gone and wife dead.

Apollo; Maybe Mother wasn't here.

Adama :She was here. I was never here when it counted.

After the betrayal Baltar is brought before the Imperious leader to explain why some of the humans escaped. Pompous and grandeous Baltar becomes a sniveling wreck when the leader tells him he also must die. Two scenes were shot. One where Baltar loses his head and the other where he is spared. Colicos' acting was what kept the character going. Glen was impressed.

The humans flea the destruction in any vehical that will carry them including the now famous Colonial Movers ship. However mankind hasn't learned much because the new Council of The Twelve want to head to Carillon which is probably a trap but Sire Uri could care less. Now we get to see some action between Starbuck and Cassiopeia. The launch tube scene. One scene called for a topless Cassi while another had a bareback Starbuck on the floor with Cassi. Neither was shown because the audience wouldn't be able to handle it. The scenes were done with class. In the new show sex will probably run rampant. Enough said.

Finally Carillon is reached only after a heroic mission is flown to sweap the area of space mines. The Ovions seem friendly enough and offer the colonials a place to live. However they are also in league with the Cylons by supply them fuel. Adama suspects something and must have a private chat with Tigh in the launch bay via the comlinks in two seperate Viper fighters. This is when they come up with a plan to send anyone that may be taken for a warrior to the party to honor Apollo, Starbuck, and Boomer for their heroic flying.

Tigh: When the commander sees these he is going to go nuts.

Boomer: It must be the pressure.

Finally the Cylons launch their attack. The Raiders approach the seemingly helpless galactica. Apollo and Starbuck head to the lower levels only to find cassi at the hands of the Ovions who use humans a food. A firefight begins and the resulting richochets begin to start fires. Now the Cylons are coming out of the woodwork. centurions are all over the place shooting at anything human. Apollo, Starbuck, and the rest reach the party where Councilor Uri is eager to hand command over to Apollo as the Cylons begin pouring into the room. Jolly and the rest of Blue squadron show up via Landram's and begin attacking the Cylons. Jolly also explains that Adama sent anyone in a warriors uniform to the party.

Blue Squadron launches and begins to head for the Galactica which is now under heavy attack.

Starbuck: If we don't do something soon we may have to go back and live on that rock.

The Vipers make quick work of their adversaries. Apollo and Starbuck go after the rogue Basestar and manage to destroy it.

Athena: Father we don't have Purple and Orange squadrons.

Now in the novel the ending is quite different. There is no pursuit of the Basestar. Starbuck and Cassi manage to fly one of the shuttles which is loaded with fuel to the Galactica while the Cylons are attacking.
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