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Default Re: Battlestar Galactica Movie News

Originally Posted by Eric Paddon View Post

Galactica could work as radio too even.
This last statement made me think, or actually re-visit the notion that perhaps our beloved Classic Battlestar Galactica could still be revived as a continuation via radio play or animated film/television series? I've wondered that for some time, and perhaps enough of an impetus to spur me to finish the animated continuation trailer I started back in 2007 and never finished. A radio continuation would allow surviving cast members to reprise their roles.

Does anyone know if Tom DeSanto has completely moved on or still has any type of inclinations towards his original continuation vision of Battlestar? I think the DeSanto/Singer Fox telefilm continuation that didn't happen in 2001 and the previous Hatch trailer in 1998 got most of us excited for something that so far has never happened. That little spark or inkling still keeps me interested in a future Battlestar project (in this case, the on-again, off-again movie)....
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