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Default Re: How did Iblis control Baltar?

Originally Posted by Eric Paddon View Post
The technology that overcomes them then creates a machine Imperious Leader with Iblis's voice as the standard, which suggests a devotion or tribute to the one who made the downfall of the race possible.
That certainly is a possible explanation as to why Iblis is the voice of the IL.

Recall, Baltar is not a man devoted to anything but Baltar. His entire life has been consumed by the insatiable desire for power and wealth. He is shot through with greed, lust, avarice, deception, cruelty, vindictiveness, self-indulgence, pride, and of course, he has a problem telling the truth for five centons at a stretch. Such a person doesn't have to dial up 1-800-EVI-LINC, and conciously sign over to the Dark Side. Baltar was the sort of person already thoroughly inured to evil, it's willing servant, and ripe for Iblis to pick, when the opportunity presented itself. He fell into Iblis' talons exactly when it suited The Dark Lord for him to do so. Baltar had sold out long ago, and wasn't even aware of it.
That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.

Okay, that line of reasoning I don't buy. Just because Baltar is lustful to power doesn't automatically place him in the power of Iblis, otherwise any evil person would be at his beck and call. My takeaway on WotG was that it had to be a specific transaction. Your mileage may vary. And since Baltar never made that transaction, I don't see how Iblis could control him to that level. Perhaps as a temptor since Iblis represents the devil, but not to the point of possession-per se.
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