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Default Re: Battlestar Galactica Movie News

Originally Posted by Eric Paddon View Post
I'm glad you think so and glad that we've been able to restore what I felt was a good tone of discussion we had that got lost in the big list crash.

I think the one point I have to disagree on whether the Moore thing started some of the later trends you spoke of, and because you mentioned the example as proving the opposite, is that the reimagining of Tigh I felt did play to them. Tigh was now a dislikable and dysfunctional character so all of a sudden that seemed to mean he had to be white bread rather than black because only someone white should be that dislikably dysfunctional. That was how that came off to me when I was forcing myself to watch the first season (the only season I did sit through way back when).

Yes, this is good and healthy discourse. It is something that has been lost in recent years with fan-wars over other properties.

I think, looking back at the time, no one really would have raised a stink if Tigh had been kept as a black man, but retained the traits that encompassed the reimagined Tigh (alcoholic, disagreeable). Had Tigh been written that way in this not-so-distant day and age (black, alcoholic, disagreeable), the SJWs would have been in an uproar. The writers would have been accused of being racist, stereotyping the black male.

Originally Posted by Eric Paddon
I also was predicting how Commander Cain would be reimagined and that too
I saw was borne out because once again, just like with Starbuck we couldn't have the old-fashioned male hero of renown anywhere in Moore's universe. To me, Moore made it safe for the SJW trends you're describing in other properties with what he started with Starbuck and then continued with Cain. He may not be a primary cause of it, but he's certainly a forerunner of it from my standpoint.

And I can not unfortunately agree with the argument that Moore was being more conciliatory to the old show. I listened to his commentary tracks and I heard a lot of wrong information that was making me throw things at the screen and a fundamental misperception of the show's underpinnings. I have also read his comments in that recent oral history book that covers the history of both shows and my view of him personally is as strongly negative as it was before since he *really* gets venemous about the fanbase there (and even gets ticked off at Glen Larson for being ticked off regarding Larson's suit to get credit for the pilot screenplay and then using pseudonyms.)
I can honestly see how a lot of folks would indeed at least indirectly attribute the origin of the sad state of affairs in Hollywood today with the reimagined show 16 years ago. (God, has it been that long?! Where's my walker?) Yes, I can agree that if they wanted more empowered female characters in the spotlight, they should have just dreamt up new characters to work alongside/against the male versions of Starbuck, Boomer, and Cain. For myself, I was not interested in seeing an SJW narrative get pushed (I am the last person on Earth who would ever want to see that, and until more recent years, I never even saw or heard of a Social Justice Warrior). I was simply interested in the different take on those characters. (Also, it did help that they were pretty easy on the eye. ) But yes, the male hero of renown is something that is especially balked at in the current day and age. Such a character would be considered as possessed of "toxic masculinity". (Why do you think they are changing up the nature of 007 for the next film? Daniel Craig's James Bond will be yielding the designation, position and status of 007 to a black female because SJWs have thrown major shade on the character of James Bond for being toxically masculine, and supposedly racist....for all these decades...gasp...horror. How dare the 007 movies adhere to the essence of James Bond...classy, stylish, capable, stunning, charming, disarming, acerbic when necessary... for so long? Bond, nor the movies were ever racist.)

I never listened to the commentaries by Ronald Moore on the Blu-Ray set. I listened to his commentary on the miniseries DVD, and did not hear a lot of the condescension that supposedly permeates the commentary sections of the series itself. As a newly forged non-fan at the time (because of the toxicity of both sides of the childish fan-war), I was disinclined to listen to those commentaries. I just wanted to watch the show. Behind the scenes tech-stuff, I could watch. I wasn't interested in personal motivations back then.

However, today, you can't even escape those things. They are thrown up in your face... and any backlash against them (largely seen on YouTube) results often in demonetization, censorship, deplatforming...and sometimes even doxxing of those who oppose the current trends in Hollywood.
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