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Default Re: How did Iblis control Baltar?

Originally Posted by Lighthope View Post
So if Iblis could only control those who gave themselves willingly to him, how was Iblis able to control Baltar into surrendering? Baltar clearly never met Iblis. He had no idea who he was.

I am not going to buy the notion that Iblis was the Imperious Leader. Aside from being the voice, there is no evidence to suggest Iblis was the IL. The Imperious Leader is capable of being destroyed and changing his mind. Also, if Iblis was to suffer a penalty for killing Apollo who had not given himself to Iblis, how could Iblis as the IL get away with the destruction of the Colonies who also had not given themselves to him.

Whew, okay, that went on longer than planned.
Recall, Baltar is not a man devoted to anything but Baltar. His entire life has been consumed by the insatiable desire for power and wealth. He is shot through with greed, lust, avarice, deception, cruelty, vindictiveness, self-indulgence, pride, and of course, he has a problem telling the truth for five centons at a stretch. Such a person doesn't have to dial up 1-800-EVI-LINC, and conciously sign over to the Dark Side. Baltar was the sort of person already thoroughly inured to evil, it's willing servant, and ripe for Iblis to pick, when the opportunity presented itself. He fell into Iblis' talons exactly when it suited The Dark Lord for him to do so. Baltar had sold out long ago, and wasn't even aware of it.
That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.
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