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Default Re: New BG Classic ongoing comic

Originally Posted by Eric Paddon View Post
Why is it so impossible for these people to just do a nice simple continuation picking up off "Hand Of God" and take things from there???
There have been some Galactica that to me is done right. To me the Cylons were a element to keep the fleet moving from time to time. Actually I liked the aspect that as they got further and further out they saw the Cylons less and less, and I believe that in time the Cylons should not have been a factor at all.

What I liked was how the show explored other races. Encountered other beings. And ultimately I loved the banter between the pilots.

I liked how in the Marvel Universe comics a lot of stories were taking place amongst the fleet itself.

Sooooo many possibilities and what do we always get? Cylons.

And lately it seems to always hinge around defending Earth itself. Blah.

Oh well. I can hear in the background Catholic Nuns singing that song...

"You can't always get what you want...
you can't always get what you want..."
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