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Default Re: New BG Classic ongoing comic

This right here!!! All of this!!!

Originally Posted by Eric Paddon View Post
The thing is, if you don't start with the right approach and the right template to what a true "classic" Galactica comic should be which is *starting after Hand Of God* and building off from there, then you have basically failed in terms of vision. An ongoing saga of Galactica should take the approach of picking up with the windows of opportunity left by the end of that episode and from that point build a new dimension of storytelling that above all blends in with the episodes that were made so it seems like a natural extension of that universe.

We have seen other projects fail to grasp this. Hatch's novels in particular. The Scalf comic started with the right approach but didn't get a chance to develop itself. Max Press started off on a terrific note but then self-destructed. Dynamite though, has demonstrated time and again that it does not care one whit about the universe of Galactica as it was created and developed over the course of the series. It regards the original as kiddie-fare to be enjoyed by 70s nostalgists and the thing that should know its place compared to the other project. They demonstrated that time and again in the controversies I know you well remember when their aversion to being criticized on this point led them to expel me and several others from their message board. Even though they did eventually come out with a slightly better story that took place after HOG than did their initial, bizarre story set *during* Saga (which could never be squared with traditional Galactica continuity in a million yahrens), it still failed to measure up to the necessary standards of putting characters first and paying attention to how things were set-up. Instead it gave us too much action from start to finish that while entertaining on one level is not how I want to see an official Galactica project develop itself.

Dynamite is going to have to do a lot more than just get better writers to change my view of them. They have to finally demonstrate they "get" what Galactica is really all about.
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