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Default Issues- forum,fan films

Well, seems I unable to post where I have posted before.

Forum info feedback. says I do not have access though I have posted before?

There is a problem with at least 1 fanfim also.

it has crashed gfx card 2x. Is no download or save file option.
It tries to play through default media player and crashes system gfx.

The GAME TRAILER video is unwatchable for myself. Do not know what format or how is setup but may need attention.

Am rummaging through them and trying to learn more to make another
CG short of BSG. Though my recent attempt at a MAX battle has been
not so good. (too small,old,slow PC etc)

So, am starting anew and trying to find an angle and what to make.
Though what I would like to do, am not that knowledgeable to create,or have the comp power.

Also, am wondering, is there a requirement to have a Short added to the fanfilm list?
-ever get that feeling from a movie trailer you cant wait to see it-
that is what it does to me.
So much to learn , so little time, and so many ideas with so little knowledge and so much to discover with so many things to try.
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