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As for playing games, I love to! I have a PC, X-Box and PS2 and I play loads of games on all of them... Right now I'm playing GTA: Vice City, Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge and Vietcong...
Ah! You are a man of action!!! Hehehe

I really need to play more games! My friend did send me the link to one new game's website And that game reeeaaallly spooked me!!! Its rare a game can be truly scary. it was one of the things I liked about Resident Evil. But god the graphics in Fatal Frame looks unerving! I looked at the trailer and really got the heeby jeebies! Okay, ya stick me in a haunted house with things that wanna kill me, and all i get is a flashlight and a CAMERA?!? Where's my trusted DoubleBarrell Shotgun from all the other games I played?!?

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