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Jayworld said...
Welcome aboard! I think the big question that we lovers of the original series want to know is:

Is the time travel sequence featuring Apollo and Starbuck (Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict) in the game somewhere, or was it cut?

I noticed that in the game credits in the instruction booklet, Richard and Dirk are credited for two roles each, including Starbuck and Apollo.

I'm still on mission 1, but others who have completed the game have stated that there is no Apollo or Starbuck. This would be very disappointing (and I think misleading) for some of us, as I know one big reason I got the game was to see this sequence.
Okay, I've seen the comments going back and forth about this element of the game, so I'm going to explain the situation as I understand it. Please bear in mind that I had no involvement with the final decisions on the gameplay and programming aspects of the Battlestar Galactica game.

While I was writing the script for the game, the producers who told me that Dirk Benedict and Richard Hatch were going to provide voices for in-game supporting characters (but not Starbuck and Apollo, as they couldn't appear in the game's time period). As well as having them playing supporting characters (such as Richard voicing Rylo in the opening cutscene) we talked about some unlock options with different voice tracks.

One idea was to have Dirk and Richard record all the speech for Cain and Paulus, so that if you completed the game on a certain difficulty level, you could play through again with them voicing those roles. I'm not sure if this was included in the final version of the game.

I suggested that as we had the original Starbuck and Apollo in the studio, we should use them! I wrote a bonus mission script ("Past Imperfect") which featured Starbuck and Apollo time-travelling back to help out the young Adama, but as far as I know this was cut due to programming constraints and time issues. I still have the script for this mission, so perhaps I might be able to post it on my website in the near future.

I was told that Starbuck and Apollo would appear as unlockable wingmen in the finished version of the game. You are assigned wingmen if you play well - and the longer you keep them alive, the better they get, although if they die, you lose them. We had Richard and Dirk record wingman speech as Apollo and Starbuck, so if you complete the game with a certain score/on a certain difficulty level, you get Apollo and Starbuck as your wingmen.

As far as I know, this is the option that was chosen and this is how and where Apollo and Starbuck appear in the game, although I wasn't told how you unlock them!

I'm sorry if anybody felt 'misled', but this game was never intended to be about Apollo and Starbuck - it's the story of Adama's first mission, and it's centered on him. I hope this clears up any confusion!
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