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Welcome to the Fleets! Wow! I am really honored that you would join our small little island on the net. I haven't gotten the game yet, But everyone has mentioned how much they liked playing the game. There are always a few critiques, but in a fandom starved for a faithful revival this was the best thing going for it so far!

I bought the original playstation2 waaaaayy back when they were impossible to get. i didn't get it the first day, but I really was constantly trying to get one and got lucky. Sadly though, I've only really have found 3 games so far that I really wanted - Final Fantasy X, Metal gear Solid2, and Gran Turismo3. Sadly until tihs last winter nothing else really was that great.

But now I plan to get three more, FFX-2, Soul Calibur2, and your game. So out of all PS2 history, it ranks as within the top 5 of games I wanted to get. (5 since I only got GT3 cause ther was such a drought of games to get)

I was wondering if you could tell us more about what you did on the game? I'm a minor illustrator and cg artist and I always am looking to get into doing this kind of field (making games).

Also I would like to honor you with a title like the ones me and Titon have below our picture. Like maybe "BG(VG) Story writer". Would that be right?

Thanks again for coming! We are so lucky to have ya here! Everyone please welcome James!

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