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Hello James. It's good to see you here.

I, along with Ken worked with Zoic on the Galactica mini-series doing some of the fleet ships for the series.

A couple of puzzling questions for you on the game. I actually purchased a ps2 system just to play this game. I was both thrilled and disappointed at the same time. It was worth every penny to finally fly a viper against the cylons but a very serious weakness in my eyes is the inability to save more with in the game. Going back to the begining of a mission is one thing but going back to the *very* begining is not only a pain in the butt but in my eyes is very disappointing.

The game design is really dark. Not in the sense that it's a *dark* presence but dark visually. It's sometime hard to figure out *where* exactly you are persay.

All in all it's a Galactica fans' dream to finally fly a colonial viper but again the dream may end for some quickly without satisfaction.

James, can you shed some light on as to why you guys did not provide the game player the ability to *save* more in game?


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