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Default Re: BG-01: Saga Of A Star World

Originally Posted by LZaza View Post
Power. Egomania.

Baltar seemed to think he'd be lord and master of his planet. Didn't he claim his colony was to be spared? The Cylons duped him. They manipulated a greedy, power-hungry man into betraying his people with the promise of ultimate power over the last remaining human settlement . . . through the grace of Baltar's favour with the Cylons.

From his lack of remorse, I'd say it's a safe bet to presume he was a sociopath.

At least that's my take.

Yes, Baltar was power-hungry and I do agree with you a sociopath. Did you know in the original script they were going to kill Baltar off? Glad they kept him on for the series. Made for a very interesting villain.

Watched Saga of a Starworld(the movie version) last night. Hadn't watched it again for a while. And the special effects still hold up to this day. What a treat.
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